Outside the famous Sai Temple of Kanpur city, a girl was spotted begging for money. Name of this girl is Kajal Arora. She is the granddaughter of famous mouth freshener brand Dilbag Pan Masala’s owner Dilbag Arora.

On asking why is she doing so? She replied “I’m a legal daughter of Dilbag Arora’s son Arun Arora. He married my mother but divorced her just after 3 years of marriage. My mother is innocent. She never asked for her right but I want everything from my father. I’m the only heir of my clan.”

In one hand she had an empty bowl and in the other she had a bunch of Pan Masala packets. Along with this, she was also carrying a poster which read: “Granddaughter of Dilbag Pan Masala’s owner is begging.”

At present, Kajal is studying in B.Sc second year and lives in Saket Nagar with her mother Ritu Arora. The mother and ex-wife, Ritu said that in 1993 they both got married and it was Arun’s second marriage.

In 1996 Arun decided to divorce her as he wanted to follow some religious practices. At present, the situation is such that Arun is all set to marry for the 5th time which makes his daughter, Kajal furious about it.

She also asked for her legal right in the family property but her father refused to give her anything. This is why she is begging at every place that comes under her paternal property. This temple is also one of their possessions. Kajal also stated that if the same conditions continue, her next step will be to beg outside Dilbag factory and their house.